Posted by: abovezenith | May 31, 2017


Who can you count on?  Really?  Now in these days?  Now!  Today in this world? Where everyone is for them self, it seems, with no time to spare.  And the meaning of the unconditional anything does not exist. Who really cares now, in anyway?  Yet we hope that there is hope even after broken dreams and promises.

Communications, a two way street. But there is no response from any other. Comprehension, a complicated process. It seems that no one ever understands. Cooperation, is expected from humans. With the key word being of humans. Compassion is patience, it define virtue. When no one has the time to spare, yet we hope

Understanding is so much more.  Much more than just having knowledge.  It all requires time, mine and yours.  With hope that we can spare the time.  My time and your time.  Now measure it all and give it a monetary value.  Because that’s​ what it all comes down to.  What a shame, it seems for us all, with no time to spare.


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