Posted by: abovezenith | April 4, 2013



Many days of my life:
Were filled with extra darkness,
Shameful disappointments and failures,
Regretful disgrace and superficial descent,
Costly humiliations and lowly disregards.

I still learned from them all!

Thankful for today,
Ever so grateful for the next day!

Some days of my life:
Are definitely extra special,
Filled with life and it’s liveliness,
Proud achievements and advancements,
Priceless honors and supreme celebrations.

I am still honored to have them all!

Especially when I came to realization,
How lucky I am to be given such gifts!

Many days of my life:
Are the best of the brightest,
Happier that the happiest,
Especially when those that I experienced,
Contains the most memorable miracles.

I most certainly cherished them all!

My gifts from god:
The birth of my four children!


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