Posted by: abovezenith | October 3, 2012

One Day At A Time

Yesterday, already done with and gone.  Left behind is a trace of relaxation, tranquility as one focuses on unity within one’s self, body, mind, and soul.  Sound’s like ‘Yuj’ (Sanskrit) or Yoga.  Get you some ‘you time’ with Yoga, it will be worth it.  Open your mind to an experience of life in full breath.  Come on, live your life in liberation. Put all aside, and do some Yoga for your health and well-being.  Do it now, because when you get older you will not want to and will become less flexible.  To top it all off you feel so good afterwards.  If not all at once, little by little throughout the day.  One day at a time and you will get better for your tomorrows.


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