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Who can you count on?  Really?  Now in these days?  Now!  Today in this world? Where everyone is for them self, it seems, with no time to spare.  And the meaning of the unconditional anything does not exist. Who really cares now, in anyway?  Yet we hope that there is hope even after broken dreams and promises.

Communications, a two way street. But there is no response from any other. Comprehension, a complicated process. It seems that no one ever understands. Cooperation, is expected from humans. With the key word being of humans. Compassion is patience, it define virtue. When no one has the time to spare, yet we hope

Understanding is so much more.  Much more than just having knowledge.  It all requires time, mine and yours.  With hope that we can spare the time.  My time and your time.  Now measure it all and give it a monetary value.  Because that’s​ what it all comes down to.  What a shame, it seems for us all, with no time to spare.

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Many days of my life:
Were filled with extra darkness,
Shameful disappointments and failures,
Regretful disgrace and superficial descent,
Costly humiliations and lowly disregards.

I still learned from them all!

Thankful for today,
Ever so grateful for the next day!

Some days of my life:
Are definitely extra special,
Filled with life and it’s liveliness,
Proud achievements and advancements,
Priceless honors and supreme celebrations.

I am still honored to have them all!

Especially when I came to realization,
How lucky I am to be given such gifts!

Many days of my life:
Are the best of the brightest,
Happier that the happiest,
Especially when those that I experienced,
Contains the most memorable miracles.

I most certainly cherished them all!

My gifts from god:
The birth of my four children!

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Sleep For The Mind, Body and Soul/Spirit

Learning how to release the body from the bondage of daily stress and tension is nothing too difficult.  We do this naturally with sleep, if all else fail.  When you have tried to resist and fight against it, you will sleep.  It sneaks up upon you like fog from nowhere.  Who can get away from it.  Simply blissful and reviving when awaken to find the world still spins on its axle.  Much but not too much has happened.  You have survived the absence of the world of demands and given into only one, sleep for the mind, body and soul/spirit.  How great it is!

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One Day At A Time

Yesterday, already done with and gone.  Left behind is a trace of relaxation, tranquility as one focuses on unity within one’s self, body, mind, and soul.  Sound’s like ‘Yuj’ (Sanskrit) or Yoga.  Get you some ‘you time’ with Yoga, it will be worth it.  Open your mind to an experience of life in full breath.  Come on, live your life in liberation. Put all aside, and do some Yoga for your health and well-being.  Do it now, because when you get older you will not want to and will become less flexible.  To top it all off you feel so good afterwards.  If not all at once, little by little throughout the day.  One day at a time and you will get better for your tomorrows.

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The Ultimate Shock Absorber

Make over your budget.  Get organized financially and all will fall in place.  Money is not as scarce as you may think, it is just easy for it to go fast when you do not keep an eye on it.  Trust no one with your well being, that way you will make sure that you will take care of finances.  The ultimate shock absorber is money when you have it.  So get it, hold on to it, and use with caution.  All the while, keep in mind that there is nothing like making a honest buck in a life of clean living.

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New Beginnings

What exactly is new?  A new state of mind and attitude.  The purpose of this blog is to open ones mind to unlimited posiblities.  A way of expressing thoughts and opinions.  Everyone and anyone is welcomed to comment or respond.  Constructive criticisims are welcomed, haters do not exist.  Looking forward peacefully into the future and desire to generate positive energy not necessarly by force but willingly.  The start of a new fiscal year.  Time to adjust budgets in the unstable economy.  Value and treasure your gains and experiences even if there are losses.  Take time for yourself always, get a massage!  Take time and take care of you so that you can take care of others.